The unpretentious, picturesque seaside village of Lambert's Bay lies up the West Coast, 280 kilometres north of Cape Town. The coastal town has been proclaimed 'the Diamond of the West Coast' because of its white beaches, wildlife and lobsters. Although primarily a fishing town it has become a significant tourist attraction on the West Coast due to its moderate all-year climate.


A guide for places to stay in the West Coast.

Our Tours

Our aim is not just to introduce you to Lambert's Bay, but to make you return by making all our tours much more affordable and taking you to the most amazing and interesting destinations.

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Historic Tour Lambert’s Bay

Discover the rich history of the early inhabitants of the West Coast at Steenbokfontein caves where the oldest known examples of parietal art (wall paintings) in South Africa was found.

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Lambert’s Bay Town Tour

Discover "The Diamond of the West Coast" with a walk through history of Lambert’s Bay. We'll take a trip down memory lane in the Sandveld Museum and a look at the oldest buildings in town.

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Namaqua Wine & Beer Tour

A fun day of exploring the Namaqua Wine Route. Our day starts off in Lambert's Bay where we'll journey through the rural towns of Graafwater, Klawer, Spruitdrift, Vredendal, Lutzville, Strandfontein and Doornbay.

Welcome to the seafood hotspot of the West Coast!

Lamberts Bay is known as the Diamond of the West Coast and the crayfish mecca of South Africa. This gem of a seaside village owes its origin to humble beginnings as a fishing village and has become one of the major tourist attractions on the West Coast.

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Our Natural Attractions

Bird Island

Bird Island Nature Reserve in Lambert’s Bay is a bird-lover’s paradise. The tiny 3ha island is located just 100m’s offshore from Lambert’s Bay and is one of the six sites world-wide where Cape gannets breed and is an important roosting and breeding site.

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Wildflower Season

For two months a year the West Coast erupts in a riot of colours thanks to the arrival of the Namaqualand daisies. Don't miss out on this unique window to see a sight as memorable as the lavender fields of Provence and the tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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Crayfish Season

Lobster or “kreef” as we know it here, must be the epitome of wealth and indulgence for any South African who heads towards the coast for his/her annual leave! Enjoy a truly local experience during the Cape's crayfish season.

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Lamberts Bay on the Cape West Coast is still the quintessential fishing village, best known for its crayfish and another bounty of the sea, diamonds. Wake up to the sound of fishing and diamond boats signalling their departure from the harbour.

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