About Lambert's Bay

About Lambert's Bay

The name Lambert’s Bay conjures up visions of Bird Island, Khoi Rock art, a wealth of seafood and a myriad sun-sea-and-sand activities.

Just two hours’ scenic drive from Cape Town and 60km West of Clanwilliam, this seafood mecca, in the heart of crayfish country, attracts holidaymakers, weekenders and day-trippers.

At this gateway to the “wild” West Coast with its excellent climate throughout the year, you can view and experience gannets, cormorants and seals at Bird Island, angling and crayfish diving, the colourful and characteristic harbour, white beaches and dunes for miles, a two kilometer rugged and beautiful coastline, the well organized museum and an art gallery.

After a refreshing day’s hiking or 4x4 trailing, relax at one of our renowned open-air restaurants for a feast of seafood.

Lambert’s Bay can ideally be used as a base for daily trips to the nearby neighboring, picturesque towns of Doring Bay and Elands Bay or the magnificent Cederberg.

Lamberts Bay Tourism Bureau, 5 Medical Centre, Main Street, LAMBERTS BAY, 8130
Tel: 027 432 1000
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Police – 10111 / 027 432 8260 | Ambulance – 027 482 2230 / 10177
Medical – Dr Hayes & Partners 027 432 1136

Museum • Bird Island • Angling and crayfish diving • English cemetery • Characteristic harbour • Labyrinth (Doolhof) • Art gallery • 2 kilometer rugged beautifull shore line • white beaches for miles • Excellent climate